An important note about album proofing.
Welcome to our online album proofing  interface. From here, you can approve or request changes to each album page. Following, are some best practices for successful proofing of your album.
1) You may see two duplicate  projects in your proofing menu; one will be listed as "16:9" and the other as "4:3". If your computer and monitor configuration allow, it will be best to use the 16:9 version, as this will display larger images. If the images are obscured by the navigation links and comment section, you should try the 4:3 version. Please select only one version to proof your album.
2) Click on your album thumbnail in order to preview thumbnails of all of your album pages.
3) Click on the first album page. Now you can utilize the "Next" and "Previous" navigation arrows to view each page of your album. It is recommended that on your first pass you simply view each page without attempting to submit an approval or revision. While viewing each page you can left click once to view a larger image. Left click again to return to the smaller preview and to continue navigating through each album page.
4) Once you feel prepared to approve or request changes to your album you can click the "Approve file" and/or "Revise File" buttons as needed. In order to request a change you will be required to enter a comment, explaining your desired changes. Image file names are included to aid in this process. You may click the Back button (between the Next and Previous navigation arrows) to return to the small thumbnails of all of your album pages, which will now be flagged with approval or revision requests.
5) Once you are ready to submit your approval or revision requests, please click the yellow button so that we will be prompted of your request (it will be shown above once you open your album).